Sparks & McNeill

Research. Education. Activism.

Co-founded by activist-scholars Zane McNeill and Matthew Sparks during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sparks & McNeill has grown from an editing company where we assisted over 100 clients polish their writing to an all-encompassing activist-oriented institution that incubates and collaborates on various projects that imagine worlds where existence is more than survival in the capitalist Anthropocene.

Our projects dream worlds that are built on liberation—and we create tangible solutions for today’s systemic problems to make those futures possible. Since our inception, we have partnered with organizations like the Appalachian Studies Association, Reimagine Appalachia, the Highlander Institute, and the Virginia Harm Reduction Coalition on oral history projects to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) audits to food justice and sovereignty reports.


Under this umbrella of imagining and creating tangible futures predicated on equity, the projects that we work on fall into two subsections: raising historically eclipsed voices, which is archival, oral history, and publishing work, and working towards equitable futures, which houses our activist scholarship work, editing and consulting projects, research projects, content creation and course building, and DEI work.

Feel free to look through our projects and reach out to us for collaborations.